420 Pound Pig Rescued By Firefighters

A 420 pound pig who lived on a steady diet of chinese takeout had to be rescued by firefighters.

But enough about me…

Twiglet is her name and eating chinese, chocolate and porridge is her game.

Twiglet’s owner had passed away and the family realized that they were going to have to move a five foot long, 420 pound pig. Which, I don’t know if you know this, is likely close to impossible. What are you gonna do? Just pick it up? Ok, Bruce Banner.

The fire crew had to sedate Twiglet to get her out of the home.

My favorite part? This quote from the owner’s granddaughter,

“My nan had always wanted a pig ever since she was a little girl, so we bought one for her for £60 off Facebook.”

Haha Twiglet the Facebook pig.

No word yet on a new home for Twiglet.

*Full story on Twiglet

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