65-Million-Year-Old Fossil Found In The Badlands Of North Dakota

This morning, Mike and I were discussing things that strike us as bizarre and unusual.  The conversation included stories about the side show at a circus, to local events that make you go “huh”, well this morning I saw this story about a recent find in North Dakota

Harrison Duran, a fifth-year biology student from the University of California, Merced, found the 65-million-year-old fossil in the badlands of North Dakota.

The fossil was discovered in part of the Hell’s Creek formation, known among experts as a treasure trove for fossils from different eras.  I told my wife about it, and she replies, “Oh yeah, I bet it was in the badlands” apparently that”s the hotbed for locating Dinosaur Fossils from The Land Before Time. 

Pretty cool, I think something that occurred 100 years ago is significant…let alone 65 million years ago.  I think a shall offer to exhibit this recent discovery at my house, right beside Hank!


















(Hank, our Big Chicken)

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