A Bridge Too Far, But It’s Pretty Cool

I think it fun to see some cool stuff on social media.  So today I got to work and I thought I would see what’s trending on social media, and although this wasn’t on the top of the list, I thought it to be pretty neat!

The Golden Bridge is located in Vietnam, and is a footbridge , named Cau Vang or “Golden Bridge,” is nearly 500 feet long and sits 3,200 feet above sea level, What makes the bridge attractive for tourists and locals is its unusual support system ― two giant  hands that are made of concrete reaching toward the sky.  This seems to be the perfect spot to grab that one-of-a kind photo, maybe even an awesome wedding photo.  There are some fairly impressive structures in this world, some people that have had the chance to visit this bridge claim it’s the coolest bridge they have ever seen.

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