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A look inside ‘The Continental’: The Hotel Bar Experience in New York City

E Continental Hotel 09222023
ABC News/Stephen Iervolino

Visitors can now step into the world of John Wick and its Peacock prequel series, The Continental, with The Continental: The Hotel Bar Experience.

Unlike similar themed pop-ups, the interactive experience takes place inside the actual onscreen setting for the hitman hotel: the Cocoa Exchange building on Beaver Street in Lower Manhattan.

Before visitors enter, they may encounter New York Herald Tribune beat reporter Maggie Lepps, who gives them the scoop: A big-wig has been murdered inside the building — against hotel policy.

Her business card has a tip line, 1-800-968-3005, if one has any clues.

Visitors then follow in the footsteps of Keanu Reeves‘ titular hitman up the “hallowed ground” of The Continental’s staircase.

You can’t get in without exchanging the only currency accepted there: those iconic gold coins; visitors can swap their boring old bills for some.

Inside, there are ample opportunities for Instagram bragging rights in the 1970s setting, from reprints of macabre paintings seen in the film to the mirrored gold chandelier made of rifles, and wallpaper decorated with revolvers.

However, as the reporter alluded to, the visit becomes a whodunit, complete with other actors mingling in with the patrons; they’re keen to spill some tea about the spilled blood.

There’s also food and beverages for sale, including Wick-themed drinks like the Gunpowder Gimlet, The High Table and The Excommunicado.

Good times aside, The Continental’s manager wants to get to the bottom of the murder, and doing so leads visitors into the creepy bottom levels of the building, where they’re quizzed as to what they know and whose side they’re on.

The Continental: The Hotel Bar Experience is open through September 24. It will also re-open from September 27 to October 1 and October 4 to October 8.

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