Agility Course + Bulldog = Perfection

It’s Valentine’s Week so let’s give in to love.

Let’s fill our hearts. Let’s hug our friends. Let’s write to family. Let’s be thankful that good exists in the world… mostly in the form of dogs.

Here’s a quick little insight about me:

I like dogs. Ugly ones. And I mean that with the sincerest form of truth I can give you. The uglier they are the cuter they are. Beautiful dogs are amazing with their dapper looks and award winning personality. But ugly dogs? They hold a special place in my heart.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Corey, bulldogs aren’t ugly. They’re adorable.” To which my response would be, “Exactly.”

Bulldogs are the best. They breathe heavy. They fart. They snore. They look like a big toe. They do not routinely show athletic prowess. (Maybe I like them so much because we’re so similar.) Then there’s Rudy. The Clark Kent of bulldogs. The Michael Jordan. The Muhammad Ali. The greatest.

God bless you, Rudy.

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