“American Pickers” Makes Trip To Wadena

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “American Pickers” your probably aware of  star and creator Mike Wolfe!  well low and behold the crew was spotted in Wadena Yesterday

Yesterday Kyle asked me if I ever had seen the show on TV, I said heck yes. He told me he had heard the crew was roaming around Wadena yesterday afternoon, Then last night after I got home from work, I noticed a couple friends on Facebook had selfies with Mike Wolfe! I thought that was pretty cool.

 Even though the episode that they were filming yesterday won’t air for a few months, one cannot help but wonder what kind of treasures they were able to find here locally?  My wife and I live on a farm that was built in 1887. Maybe I should dig around and see if I can get these cats over to Deer Creek!  They just might find there to be some buried treasure to unearth!

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