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Amid ‘The Blind Side’ controversy, star Quinton Aaron warns trolls to stay away from “mama” Sandra Bullock

Getty Quinton Aron Bullock 08162023
Aaron and Bullock in 2009 – Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Quinton Aaron, who played Michael Oher in the 2009 movie about Oher’s life, The Blind Side, is weighing in after a headline grabbing lawsuit related to the movie.

And like he did in the movie, Aaron is protecting his onscreen mother, Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar for her performance.

On August 14, Oher filed a petition alleging Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy tricked him into signing a conservatorship when he was 18, and cut him out of profits from his own life story.

The couple denied the allegations, and claimed Oher, who was homeless before they welcomed him into their family, took part in a “shakedown.”

In a statement, the Tuohys said, they “opened their home to Mr. Oher, offered him structure, support and, most of all, unconditional love. They have consistently treated him like a son…His response was to threaten them, including saying that he would plant a negative story about them in the press unless they paid him $15 million.”

Snarkers online then began dragging Bullock as a result of Oher’s lawsuit, with some suggesting she should give back her Academy Award.

However, Aaron isn’t having it.

He tells the Daily Mail that the controversy is “heartbreaking,” adding, “I was under the assumption, like everybody, that the family was good all these years.”

However, he said Bullock, who recently lost her romantic partner Bryan Randall to ALS, should be out of bounds. “Sandra just suffered a loss and everything, so I’m pretty sure she’s probably trying to stay out of the [spotlight] and just handle her situation as best she knows how,” he said in a video interview.

“Leave her alone,” the actor warned after reading “disturbing” comments. “Don’t come for my mama. I’m six-foot-eight, 400-plus pounds, and you don’t want those problems.”

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