Another School Year Is Beginning…So What Do Kids Want To Be When They Grow Up?

When I was kid (which was a long time ago) there were always the jobs you were supposed to aim high and achieve.  There was President, astronaut and baseball player.

Times have changed, and so have today’s kids.  Astronaut has fallen down the list, professional athlete is still a favorite that few will ever realize and President…well, not many want that job any longer with all the baggage that comes with it.  So what do the next group of young people think is their dream job?  According to an ARS Technica poll, kids in the U.S. want to be a video blogger on YouTube more than anything else.

Yes, there are a few making money at this job, but besides the fame, your hours are flexible and you are your own boss.  Here’s the rest of the top 5…

2) Teacher

3) Professional Athlete

4) Musician

5) Astronaut

Others on the list include actor, scientist, fireman, detective, writer, policeman, pilot, veterinarian, lawyer and doctor.  Some of these are realistic choices, others not so much.

The world will always need plumbers, electricians, auto technicians, nurses and truck drivers.  Jobs not as glamorous but very necessary.  We had dreams when I was growing up too, but as I always say, “you’re going to be working for about 50 years, find something you like and it won’t seem like work.”  Money is important, but the day gets pretty long if you don’t like your job.

Best of luck young people, and follow your dreams….oh, and is your homework done yet?

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