Are You Friends With Your Car?

That might sound like an odd question, but a Cooper Tires poll of  2,000 drivers found 60 percent said they were friends with their vehicle!

It pays to have a good relationship with your car because on average people say they spend over 8 hours in their vehicle every week.    And 64 percent of those people consider their car a friend.

Consider this…according to the poll

  1.  35 percent of drivers would rather receive a scratch on their body than on their car.
  2.  21 percent would rather spend a day in jail than have their car get totaled.
  3.  15 percent would rather break a bone than have their car break down.
  4.  13 percent would break up with their partner before they’d part with their car.

How much do they love their car?

  1. 45 percent have cried when they sold their car.
  2.  52 percent have regrets about getting rid of a car they loved.
  3.  44 percent have named their car.
  4.  70 percent have at least one fond memory of their car.

We may love our vehicles, but we don’t always take care of them.  Only 59 percent of drivers have regular maintenance performed on their vehicles.  And tires are one of the most neglected.  Even though tires are the one thing that connects your vehicle to the road.

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