Are You Going Anywhere On Vacation This Summer?

Summer isn’t far away and it goes quickly in Minnesota.  Do you have plans or did you have plans that have changed now with the coronavirus pandemic?

If you say you’re not going far from home, you’re not alone.  With airports and hotels void of travelers, it doesn’t look like it’s going to improve soon according to a new survey.

Only 20 percent of Americans say they’d feel comfortable traveling before next year.  Although of that group, 14 percent said they’d be comfortable traveling right now.  Young people are more likely to feel comfortable traveling right now.  Those 18-25 said they’d be the ones to travel right now.   The biggest worry of those who say they’ll stay home is contracting the virus or spreading it to others, while some were worried about being stuck in quarantine where they were traveling.

The older you are, the more concerned you are about getting coronavirus.  51 percent said they’d want health officials to tell them it was clear to travel again before they’d leave on a vacation.  And asked how low the ticket price would have to be to travel on an airplane right now, 36 percent said they wouldn’t fly no matter how cheap the ticket was.  19 percent said the ticket would have to cost from $36-$50.   And women were much more concerned about traveling than men.

It looks like a long summer for anyone who depends on out state vacationers.

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