Are You Going With A Real Or Artificial Tree This Christmas?

Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree during the holidays.  Yet more and more people are buying artificial trees.

These are the facts…21 million artificial trees were purchased in 2017 and that number rose to 24 million last year.  Despite the numbers, live tree sales at tree farms is up and the belief is that millennials are driving the sales increase.  Still, the big box retailers are selling as many as 200,000 trees per year, which cuts into smaller business profits.  The trees that are tall and with long needles are most popular and growers say the best place to get them is from Wisconsin.

The tree growing business is a year round job, but they have only a few weeks to sell the trees which makes tree growing a second job for many growers.  And many of those growers are older, meaning that unless young people fill the void when they retire there will be fewer and fewer places to buy a real tree.

If you don’t have kids in your household you are less likely to buy a real tree.  Those people tend to buy an artificial tree or not put one up at all.  And the cost?  Last year, the average price of a real tree nationwide was $78, while an artificial tree was $104.

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