Are You Hard Of Hearing? You’re Not Alone…

You don’t have to be an elderly person to struggle with your hearing.  A new survey finds younger groups of people are losing their hearing too.

Researchers tested almost 3,000 people for hearing issues and  1 in 9 people 45 to 54 had hearing loss.  And it only gets worse as you get older.  Among those age 80 and older, 90 percent have hearing loss.

You’re considered hearing impaired if you have problems in only one ear hearing various sounds within the range of human speech. Mild hearing impairment can be a situation where hearing loss is happening slowly and you aren’t really aware of it.  At least 29 million Americans suffer from hearing impairment. Many are men, many are older and they’ve been exposed to loud noises.

6 percent ages 35 to 44 have hearing loss, 11 percent 45 to 54 , 25 percent 55 to 64 and 40 percent 65 and older.

Hearing loss is an important health issue as studies have linked hearing loss to heart disease and strokes.

Further more, studies have shown those with hearing loss are at a disadvantage when it comes to wages and employment.  People with hearing loss earn roughly 75 percent compared to those who have no hearing loss.  Not only do they earn less, but those with hearing loss were less likely to have a job compared to those with no hearing loss.  Taking care of your over all health may help your hearing according to doctors who are pushing for routine middle-aged screenings for hearing loss before it’s too late.

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