Are You Ready To Quit Your Job? Here’s How You Should Do it…

We’ve all been through the frustration of making the decision to find a new job.  Some of us have gone about leaving our current job the wrong way.   There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

National Public Radio talked to a career coaching expert who says you should never quit a job because you’re mad or you’ve had a particularly bad day.  Usually, this has been coming for a long time.  That’s when you should have started planning for a job change.  And most people start planning for their next job way too late.

Here’s the things that will help you quit the job you have and find the next one you’ll love…

  1. Quitting and walking out might sound good, but you should think about building bridges, not burning them.
  2. Don’t quit to look for a new job.  A gap on your resume doesn’t look good.
  3. Run toward a new goal, not away from a bad job.
  4. Make sure you have a way to pay the bills and have health insurance.
  5. Know what you want to say to your boss and try putting a positive spin on things.
  6. Try to be reasonable so that your employer can find a replacement by giving some amount of notice.

Did you know that the average job search takes 9 months?  Most of us would like it to happen right now, but good quality jobs are worth the wait.  And when giving notice at your current job you should do it face to face or over the phone.  An e-mail or text message isn’t going to leave a positive lasting impression.  Just remember, you might need a reference some day or have to work with former co-workers again.

Best of luck in your job search and remember that there are many people in the same position as you, where they’d love to find a new challenge.

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