Are You Running Short On Patience? You’re Not Alone…

The world around us moves faster than ever.  So why can’t we keep up?  Blame it on the internet.

A survey by OnePoll finds that patience is still considered a virtue, but fewer of us have the patience needed to deal with having to wait for something.  So what tries our patience?

  • Taking longer than 16 seconds for a web page to load.
  • Waiting longer than 25 seconds for a traffic light to change.
  • Taking more than 22 seconds for a show or movie to begin streaming.
  • Looking for a missing pen longer than 18 seconds.
  • Waiting for food to arrive more than 14 minutes in a restaurant.
  • Having your cellphone charge for longer than 11 minutes.
  • Standing at the luggage carousel at the airport waiting for luggage longer than 13 minutes.
  • And 30 seconds of waiting in line is enough for people to switch to another line.

And yes, most people in the survey blame technology in the form of the internet and smart phones for the lack of patience in today’s society.


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