Mike Danvers

What Are The Things People Do When They Drink Too Much?

Most of us have done it before…gotten drunk and done something you might be embarrassed to talk about later.  So what are the things other people have done when they’ve gotten drunk?

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The Fall TV Season Is Going To Be Very Different

Most of us are wondering exactly when the new TV season will start this fall.  This is the time of year the networks begin shooting episodes for the fall season.  But this time around, the coronavirus has changed the way things will be done.

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There’s $378 Million In The Mega Millions Jackpot Right Now. Hopefully This Situation Doesn’t Happen To You

We all dream of winning a big lottery jackpot.  Some of us are regular players, while others wait until the jackpot gets big to play with a group of people. One person can win $590 million dollars in the Powerball game and another loses their chance.

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