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Bailey Zimmerman teases life-inspired “New to Country”


A new Bailey Zimmerman song could be coming soon.

The “Religiously” singer recently hopped on Instagram to tease a new track, “New to Country,” in which he draws from his own life experience.

“Being country is about way more than wearing a cowboy hat on your head or boots on your feet. I grew up country as hell and I still ain’t changed so I wrote a song about it for everybody that makes fun of me and tells me I’m not country,” Bailey explains at the beginning of his video. “Kiss my a**. This song’s called ‘New to Country.’ Love you, bye.”

He then jumps into a pool as the opening of “New to Country” plays.

“He’s got tattoos, he’s bad news/ Yeah that’s all anybody’s ever said about it/ And yeah I like to cut loose and smoke too/ You might think I chose this way of living nah but it chose me/ You can hear me comin’ with a 6/2 Hummin’, Guns N’ Roses bumpin’ through a 12 in the floor/ I don’t need me nothing but a spot out in the country/ I smile when they say that I ain’t me anymore,” Bailey sings in the autobiographical verse, before delivering the chorus. 

You can hear the full snippet of “New to Country” on Bailey’s Instagram and presave it to get the full track when it drops.

Bailey’s latest releases include “Holy Smokes” and his Twisters song, “Hell or High Water.”

Coming up, you can catch Bailey perform his #1 hit “Where It Ends” on the annual CMA Fest special airing June 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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