BBQ Season Over? Not A Chance

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, some folks perhaps have had their final meaningful cook out of the season.  Not this cowboy. The final week of August including Labor Day weekend I was on a Stay-Cation. I was able to work on a few projects around home and also have some chill time. The whole time I was secretly planning a Labor Day grilling event. That’s what I call it every time.

I think when you own 5 grills (4 if you ask my wife), you have earned the right to identify grilling as an event. My “not even close to final” cook out was BBQ smoked baby back pork ribs. Since April, this counted as the 13th time I have chose ribs. Some folks like ribs, some don’t. We love them at our house… Thanks to my good friend Jon Grenier, his homemade “Sweet Heat” BBQ Sauce is not a bad way to top these baby backs off! So grill on people, Fly that American Flag high and proud, and plan your next Grilling Event, as for me, It’s Vikings football on Sunday.. That means WINGS! GO VIKES!

(Final creation)

(Jon Grenier’s Amazing Sauce)

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