Best Christmas Gift Ever?

Last week while working on-air with Corey, he randomly asked me what the coolest Christmas gift I ever received was. I have to admit it stopped me cold in my tracks for a moment.  I instantly thought of my Wife and her kids getting me a nice Carhartt Jacket and bibs, but then I also thought of as a kid opening a really cool remote control helicopter from Santa on Christmas morning. 

In both instances it equates to happiness….and gratefulness.  After Corey asked me that question, I went on to the rest of my day but the question really never left me.After I got home and was reflecting on the day, that question started to burn a little deeper. It made me realize just how blessed I am and thankful for what I have. 

Then I thought quickly of the recent Radiothon to End Child abuse that just concluded and the Empty Stocking fundraiser last week. Not everyone has had the best Christmas gift ever, and that’s what makes helping each other out this time of the year so very important. Perhaps the best gift ever is knowing that we live in a community that cares, and helps each other out at a time of the year that for some, can be difficult to say the least.  If you have a chance to help someone out this holiday season, please do so, it might be the best Christmas Gift Ever.

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