Credit: Blake Shelton/YouTube

Turns Out The Only Thing That Could Get Between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s Bromance Is A Sea Lion

In the world of “bromance”, perhaps the relationship between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton stands out.

Tuesday, June 18th marked Blake Shelton’s 43rd birthday. Well yesterday, Blake’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani posted a series of photos of her beau to Instagram. Ranging from his earlier mullet days to his current look. While all her choices were fun to see (and she herself hash tagged them #greatestguyiknow), her final shot was hard to top. A video of Shelton getting a smack on the cheek from a slippery, super-cute sea lion!

Oh, and all the while I thought it was all about Adam! Turns out the Sea Lion gets all the attention.

Wonder who will get to name the dogs?

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