Blizzard Of 1991, Now That Was Definitely A Trick

I remember vividly the Minnesota Twins winning their second World Series in 1991.

I also remember even more crystal clear the Blizzard of 1991. Halloween that year was a bit of a scare for all of us that recall that event! For me, I was living in Motley at the time. I remember Dan Skogen talking on the Superstation about snowfall amounts in the days after and totals for  area towns. Motley was around 16-18 inches, and certainly totals were higher before the snow was done falling.  Back then that is how we found stuff out, turns out it still is. Yes I know we have social media and we certainly rely on that here today, but there is still something pretty cool about turning the radio on and getting in the moment information.

What I find interesting about the “91 Blizzard, it’s kind of cool  to talk with younger people that were not around then and watch them shake their heads like we made it all up.  It’s more interesting for me to talk with older folks that have been through that and a lot more.  Heck I didn’t even have a cell phone, actually who did?  I’m sure some people did, but I doubt anyone received a notification!

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