Brad’s Garden Is Getting Close

Like many, the planting season was of course a bit off  this year from what seamed like a forever winter.

 At my house, we didn’t get our garden in until late may/early June. Fast forward to Late July and boom, I’ve already had tomatoes ripen, peppers, and lettuce. Last night we got to enjoy our first taste of green beans also. Yum.

But I know, unless we stay focused, not too take our green thumb of this baby for more than a day…if that.  If you plant your own garden, you know the drill.  It’s a lot of work to keep a decent garden. But the rewarding part of it is so worth it. 

Like many, I grew up learning the way of having a family garden, and I’m so glad I did.  I’m even more glad that my wife did even more so than me. We enjoy it. We enjoy the harvest and lucky for my co-workers, we enjoy sharing too.  We will see where we are in August, It should be a fun run to the finish line.

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