Brrrr…That Was A Crazy Week!

Well…Here we are finally on the good side of the week that was! Hopefully everybody made it thru the coldest weather we’ve had in quite some time!  Yet another reminder of how the weather here in Minnesota can take center stage!  One thing that stands true here working at the Super Station…Our listeners are the best! Always taking time to take care of each other, from Family, Friends and Neighbors too! At my house it started with our water in the house being froze up! We were lucky, a heat lamp and a space heater on standby and we got thru it! Vehicles, well that’s another story! My wife’s car held up, but on Wednesday when I got to work, i decided to start my truck half way thru my work day, at that point i was the only one in the building….No GO!  A quick text to Corey, and a bit later we had my truck going! Whew! when I left that evening, three (unknown) people asked me if i was okay! I was but I was also Very Thankful that someone took the time!  In all its what we all do…we take care  each other, no matter the circumstance!  So Thank You All…your so much more than just our listeners…..Your the heartbeat of our communities…our homes, our place of work! Where we live among one another, whether it’s in town or out in our rural area’s…..Your all a part of our extended family! Thanks to you All! Now how bout you go out and enjoy the weekend ahead! after all it will feel like summertime! At least until the next cold snap!

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