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“Can I steal Hugh for a second?” Deadpool and Wolverine cross over into ‘Bachelor’ Nation

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Marvel Studios

Fans of ABC’s Bachelor franchise can now see the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine for all the right reasons.

In a new themed spot, Hugh Jackman appears in his full superhero costume, reclining on a sofa, before he protests, “No, no, no, what the hell am I even doing?”

Ryan Reynolds then scoots into frame in character, explaining, “You’re explaining to Bachelor Nation how our movie is the perfect date movie, while holding this,” before sniffing a rose.

“I’m not doing either of those,” Jackman says, standing.

“Yes you are because you are a confident, powerful person and 18-49 year-old women are a super-important demo to us, no cap.”

Jackman turns around, and Reynolds then addresses the Nation, signaling the cameraman to zoom in on Jackman’s super-butt without him knowing.

Meanwhile, Deadpool explains, “Our movie has everything you love: You can really ZOOM IN on complex relationship dynamics. There’s ample amounts of cheeky humor, and I’m not gonna lie, it was quite a payday for us.”

Turns out, Wolverine was only there because Deadpool promised him a chance to meet the newest Bachelorette, Jenn Tran — but DP was lying.

Reynolds posted the spot to social media, captioning it with, “Can I steal HUGH for a second,” mirroring the oft-repeated phrase from the romance reality show.

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters July 26 from Marvel Studios, which shares a parent company with ABC News in Disney.

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