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Carly Pearce shares “powerful” story of fan who got tattoo of her lyrics

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Carly Pearce is known for her authenticity as a songwriter, and while her songs were written about her own emotions and experiences, they often cut just as deep for the fans who listen to her music.

That was the case for a fan Carly recently met, who’d gotten a tattoo of some of the lyrics from “It Won’t Always Be Like This,” a song off her 2020 self-titled sophomore project.

In the song, Carly reminds listeners — and herself — that, good or bad, nothing lasts forever. She remembers being desperate to get out of her hometown as a teenager, experiencing a breakup at 22 and making precious memories with a loved one. In every case, the feeling eventually fades, even if it feels permanent at the time.

For this particular fan, the song’s message helped him survive addiction and had such a huge effect on a difficult chapter of his life that he immortalized Carly’s words on his skin.

“That was crazy, and for him to be vulnerable enough to tell his story of addiction and that he overcame that, it’s powerful,” the singer reflected in an interview with her record label. “It was really amazing and just shows me the power of music, and we can change lives with lyrics.”

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