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Chris Young on writing “Looking for You” + why he keeps his personal life private

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Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

If you’ve listened to Chris Young‘s “Looking for You” and wondered who he’s singing about, he is setting the record straight — It’s about no one.

“I’ll just be blunt. I didn’t write this about anybody,” says Chris, who co-wrote the song with Chris DeStefanoEmily Weisband and James McNair.

“That being said, I’ve been in this situation before where I was just like, ‘I’m just going to be single.’ And then somebody walks in with a friend of a friend and I’m just like, ‘Holy crap. Who is that? Who is she?’ That 1,000% has happened to me before,” he adds. “I can remember one specific instance in my brain.”

Longtime fans of Chris know about his longstanding tradition of being tight-lipped about things in his personal life, and he doesn’t shy away from it.

“I would go as far [as] to use ‘opposed.’ I don’t talk about my personal life. I keep that separate. And some people do and some people don’t. I do,” Chris admits. 

But, that hasn’t hampered the creative inspiration he’s found as a singer/songwriter from his real-life happenings.

“I will say that, yeah, there [are] totally times where a relationship or a situation I’ve been [in] influenced my songs and I think that’s important because it comes from a place of realism. I can sing it and mean it,” Chris shares.

“Looking for You” is #13 and rising on the country charts; it serves as a preview of a forthcoming collection of new music.

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