Christmas Countdown: Are You Ready?

With Christmas just 8 days away, do you feel good about where you are in terms of being ready?

It’s a question that is asked about this same time every year, right?  As kids we just assumed that Mom and Dad had that all figured out, and probably mostly Mom. Now as we grow older and wiser it’s a stress that falls squarely upon us as adults.

At our house I won’t even try to kid you that I get credit in this yearly feat, except for helping bring in the “Christmas Totes” from storage.  My wife is the hero here, every single year. It runs from decorating the house, shopping lists, groceries, pot lucks, and holiday baking. Not to mention over the river and through the woods either, along with juggling a crazy work schedule too.

 So here’s hoping everyone is on schedule to a very Merry Christmas, and just in case your not ready, well I have also learned over the years…It will be OK.

I mean after all, you still have over a whole week!

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