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Cody Johnson hopes “Dirt Cheap” video reminds you to “live today like there is no tomorrow”

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Cody Johnson‘s dropped his slice-of-life and emotional music video for “Dirt Cheap.”

Directed by Dustin Haney, the visualizer brings the “Dirt Cheap” story to life with acclaimed actor and singer Red Steagall playing an elderly farmer who’s being persuaded to sell his plot of land.

“This story that we’re trying to tell is something I think that’s very relatable to a lot of people,” Cody shares in a video on social platform X. “Not only about the type of family that has a place where their roots are and they don’t want to leave that, or to be like the man I hope to be someday on my ranch back in Texas of, ‘Hey, this is where I raised my kids, my horse is buried over there, my dog is buried over here. I’m not leaving, I’d like to lay right down the same ground.’ But also for the point where life’s not guaranteed to us.”

He continues, “Eventually we’re going to wind up in that position that we’re depicting in this video of things start to fade and they get cracked and they get murky. And nobody’s immune to that. I don’t care how fit you are, how healthy you are. It’s going to happen. I think that this is a very stark reminder of live today like there is no tomorrow, because you’re not guaranteed that.”

You can watch the moving “Dirt Cheap” music video on YouTube.

“Dirt Cheap” is the second single off Cody’s latest album, Leather, and it’s currently #7 on the country charts. 

To catch Cody on his ongoing Leather Tour, head to

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