Company Offers Money To Watch Scary Movies

Are you a fan of Horror films?  I am not, but here’s something you might be interested in.

A Utah-based company is celebrating the impending arrival of Halloween by offering up a horror fan’s dream job: Watching 13 movies based on Stephen King  stories and documenting the experience. is accepting applications for the temporary position, which requires the winning candidate to screen all 13 movies before Halloween and take steps including monitoring their heart rate during scary scenes and writing about their feelings on each film.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the chosen movies are Carrie, Children of the Corn, Christine, Creepshow, Cujo, Dreamcatcher, It, The Mist, Pet Sematary, Salem’s Lot, The Shining and Thinner.

The winner will be paid $1,300 and will also receive a flashlight, blanket, popcorn, candy and a Stephen King prize package.  This sounds amazing, although I could never do it. I have seen “The Shining” and “Cujo”, but honestly, I barely could get thru “Night Gallery” back in the 70’s!

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