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Dan + Shay says the pandemic is what made ‘Good Things’ their “best album yet”

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Dan + Shay are looking at the silver lining of lockdown, saying it allowed them to finish their fourth studio album, Good Things.

The Grammy winners spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how the pandemic made their latest album possible.

Said Shay Mooney, “We were so busy touring that before the pandemic hit, we were fully in tour mode and we were getting ready to start the tour, and an album was kind of in the back of our mind.”

“We obviously wanted to put out a new body of work,” he continued, “but we just didn’t have the time… and this ended up being one of the positives that came from being in the pandemic and just being able to be home.”

“It was awesome to be able to do that and to be able to take the time to be creative and not have the time restraints of, ‘Okay, we really want to make our best album but we got two weeks, so good luck,” added Shay.

Dan Smyers recalled how he and Shay felt when they put the finishing touches on the album.

“I was like, ‘Well we are really proud of it and we feel like it is our best yet,” he grinned and reminisced about how the two took to Twitter and hailed Good Things as their “best album,” which he admits was “a lot of pressure.”

The two now look forward to hearing fans singing along to their new music when they’re back on the road again — but laughed that no one is more excited for them to tour than their wives, Abbey and Hannah.

“They’re trying to act like they aren’t like, ‘Oh no, yeah you’re leaving, oh no,'” laughed Shay.

Good Things is out now.

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