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Do You Want To Know What’s Going On Inside The Very Secret Area 51?

Most of us are familiar with Area 51 near Las Vegas.  It’s a government site where military planes have been developed, hazardous waste has been dumped and burned, plus some people claim aliens are actually living there!

Area 51 has been around since the Cold War years of the 1950’s when the U.S. and Russia became enemies.  Workers are flown in daily on jets from Las Vegas and are not allowed to talk about what they do or what they’ve seen.  In fact, many claimed the burning of hazardous waste caused serious health problems and sued the federal government.  It took until 2013 before the government actually admitted that Area 51 existed, thanks to aerial pictures provided by the Russians.  There are cameras around the perimeter of the property and signs that warn there is no picture taking allowed and deadly force may be used.

Because of the secrecy, conspiracy theories have always existed from time travel to weather control systems, possession of a crashed alien spacecraft and actual meetings with aliens!

There are enough people who want to know just what’s going on inside the fences that a Facebook page called, “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us “ has been created.   The event is set for September 20th, when participants will gather outside the fence and make a run to get inside.  Before you laugh, 231,000 people have signed up, saying they want to be there, with another 260,000 saying they’re interested.    It is, of course a bad idea.  But it shows the interest people have when the government hides the truth.  An Area 51 science fiction horror film was produced in 2015 and 60 minutes has even done reports on what they think is going on there.

September 20th is the day, arrive between 3 and 6 am near Amargosa Valley, Nevada.

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