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Does a post from Apple TV+ suggest a “potential” spinoff or more ‘Ted Lasso’?

E Ted Lasso3 06062023
Apple TV+

Ever since Ted Lasso‘s third season finale, fans have had the burning question of whether they’d ever see more of the Richmond AFC gang — and a new social media post from Apple TV+ has just thrown gasoline onto the fire.

The post shows a key trio in their team jackets: Brendan Hunt‘s Coach Beard, Brett Goldstein‘s Roy Kent and Nick Mohammed‘s Nathan Shelley, all looking off camera.

The caption reads, “Smells like potential.”

Of course [spoilers] the third season ended with Jason Sudeikis‘ Ted flying back to the States and Kent taking his job as Richmond’s head manager. Beard had a change of heart about flying back over The Pond and remained as assistant coach, and Nate rejoined the team in an assistant capacity after his heel turn in season 2.

In what will likely be scrutinized by fans like the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s, Beard and Kent appear to be looking at the same thing, while Nathan is glancing off to his right.

Adding to the mystery, Mohammed replied to the streaming service’s surprise post with a “zipped lips” emoji.

The original post had nearly 2 million views on Twitter alone in a matter of hours, while Mohammed’s reply hit 1 million.

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