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Don’t Spend A Lot Of Time Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Like it or not, the holiday shopping season is underway and according to a Gallup poll consumers will spend an average of $942 on gifts this year.

If that sounds like a lot of money, 37 percent in the poll say they’ll spend more than $1000 on gifts!  21 percent say they’ll spend $500 to $1000, 27 percent will spend $100 to $500 and then there’s the 7 percent that say they won’t be spending any money on gifts because they don’t celebrate the holiday.

About two-thirds of those surveyed said they’d be spending what they spent last year  When shoppers were asked in October how much they’d be spending, it’s more than they usually ended up spending.  After they had second thoughts in 9 of the last 12 surveys people ended up spending less.

And once you’ve spent that money and readied the gifts for giving know that people tended to most like what was inside poorly wrapped gifts!  According to a study from the American Journal of Consumer Psychology if you give someone a gift that looks like it was wrapped by a professional, they expect the gift to be better than it is and when they open the gift, more often than not, they’re disappointed.  However, be careful not to be too sloppy with your gift wrapping.  Even if the gift isn’t exactly what they hoped for, the wrapping job on the gift is an indication to some of how important their relationship is with you.  Perfection may not be important, but effort is.

So happy shopping!!!

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