Every Day Is A Snow Day

There are perks to this job and getting the chance to run my mouth is one of them.

When the snow is flying I have to come to work. Often times, announcements need to be made about school late starts, cancellations, early outs, etc. And because of a personal conviction that everyone should always take advantage of every opportunity to miss work, I like to scream and holler when some schools cancel for the day and others don’t. “You should cancel!” I’d say to no one in particular but to every school that was still on for classes. I’d try to be a rallying cry for students (and let’s be honest, teachers too) who would just rather stay at home in their sweatpants and watch Paw Patrol all morning. 

One morning, feeling a little extra feisty, I asked “Don’t I get a say in this?” My phone immediately lit up with a clear and simple “No you do not.” from Bertha-Hewitt Superintendent Eric Koep, a great friend and listener of the station.

It does seem, however, that my plea to “get a say in this” was heard, when today, Superintendent Koep stopped by the station with a little gift. A beautiful gift. A gift only a superintendent (or an honorary superintendent) could enjoy. I’m honored to be included in the Superintendent Club… although Eric forgot to tell me when the next meeting was…

Thanks Superintendent Koep for the shirt!

Check this bad boy out:

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