Former Duke Star, T-Wolves Basketball Player Christian Laettner Holds B-Ball Camp In Pillager

Christian Laettner has plenty of accomplishments to his name: a two-time NCAA national champion, an NBA all-star, and the list goes on. But now, Laettner is giving back to the sport he loves by running youth basketball camps around the country. Welcome to Pillager ,Christian!  Laettner hangs around the upper Midwest because he feels like he has a connection to the parents and their children in the area.

“These parents now were teenagers when I played for the Timberwolves and they remember me and like to send their kids to my camps,” he said. Laettner had a big smile as he gingerly walked back into Pillager’s gym for the second wave of campers Monday, June 24. He gets to teach a game that he loved playing and still loves today. Even if the campers have no idea who he really is, Laettner soaks up every minute.

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