Caroline Venis, school greenhouse coordinator.

Fresh Garden Produce Is The Best

So, this morning on my way to work, I stopped by the WDC School Green House. Due in large to already knowing today was the first day they would be open for business, and for me that business means fresh tomatoes.

BOOM! Jackpot!  Not only did I find some great tomatoes, but also fresh lettuce, spinach, and cucumbers too!  At my house this past weekend, My wife and I got most of our garden in. Although it will promise to produce well again this season, I demand fresh produce now.  Might I suggest the WDC School greenhouse.

At the WDC Produce Stand, they opened their windows this morning, June 4th. Feel free to stop by every Tuesday between 9 am – 12 pm to stock up on fresh veggies as well as garden plants like tomatoes and cabbage grown by our very own aspiring gardeners.

All proceeds go to supporting the greenhouse. The Produce Stand is located between the two greenhouses by the north parking lot on the Wadena-Deer Creek Hugh School campus at 600 Colfax Ave SW in Wadena ehere you can find juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, kale, and spinach.

If you have questions, call Caroline Venis, Greenhouse Coordinator, at 209-402-3668.


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