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Goldie Hawn details new security after a robbery, home invasion

Getty Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell 06122024
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix

In the first installment of a two-part chat on Kelly Ripa‘s Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, Goldie Hawn revealed one of the homes she shares with longtime partner, Kurt Russell, was robbed in 2020. Shortly after that, a home invader tried to break into the same residence — seemingly their home in the Pacific Palisades in California.

In the 2020 incident, both stars returned from a night out to find their bedroom ransacked. “I just lost it,” Goldie admitted. “They had broken in from the balcony to our bedroom, our closets, and they completely knocked down my door, which is a safe door, so they’re very, very sophisticated and they got a lot of my goodies, if you know what I mean.”

Goldie revealed that about four months after that, “I hear this big thump upstairs, and I was alone. Kurt wasn’t there and I went, ‘What the hell was that?’ It was just like, ‘Was that a sonic boom? Did somebody jump somewhere?'”

She added, “as it turned out, the next day we discovered that they were trying to get in my bedroom while I was in the house.”

Ripa replied, “That’s terrifying.”

Since then, the Death Becomes Her star revealed, “I’m never without a guard.”

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