Happy Fathers Day

Here we are today thinking of our Dad’s, Grandfathers, brothers, Uncles, and certainly all the Dad roles that so many fill in each of our lives.  Where would we be without the men who help shape, or have helped shape our lives over the years.  Today as I reflect on my  dad, I am reminded by his steady hand with our family growing up , always taking care of Mom and certainly our family, without a doubt the most honest, strong, hardest working, man I ever knew, as kids we learned the value of hard work, but also of family, and how he always made sure not only that we had what we needed, but always making sure we took time from the work to enjoy what this world has to offer, even if it meant shouldering some hardships to make sure we were taken care of.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Great Dad’s and Father figures!

(Me and My dad years ago)

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