Have You Ever Lost Your Bag Or Forgotten It At The Airport? This Is What Happens To It…

It’s prime travel season for finding warmer weather.  Although I’ve never forgotten or lost my luggage, apparently plenty of people do and this is where it goes and what happens to it.

It’s the Unclaimed Baggage Center in the small town of Scottsboro, Alabama.  They purchase the unclaimed luggage from the airlines sight unseen and will keep the items they deem worthy of selling in their giant thrift store.  According to the store’s website over a million people a year visit the Unclaimed Baggage Center just to check out the bargains.   The business began in 1978 and they sold out what they had on day one.  That’s when they knew they had something special.  The exciting part according to Doyle Owens who started the business, is that it’s a lot like Storage Wars, when you have no idea what you’re buying until you open it!

The store receives 7,000 new items daily.  The store is much like a Goodwill, in which you’ll find almost anything at a bargain price.    What are some of the strangest items the store has found in a piece of luggage?

A live rattlesnake, a full suit of armor, a $60,000 platinum Rolex, a cured zebra skin, a Las Vegas showgirl costume, a 40 carat emerald and even a shrunken head!

So when you’re at the airport at the luggage carousel, know there might be some weird things in other people’s luggage.


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