Blake Shelton’s New Song ‘God’s Country’ Means A Little More To Me

Living in God’s country, a term that is used by many to describe various parts of this world we consider to be just a bit more special than anything we’ve ever known.  Enter Blake Shelton’s newest hit single “Gods Country”,  this song is a home run!

From the opening lyrics “Right outside of this one church town, There’s a gold dirt road to a whole lot of nothing. Got a deed to the land but it ain’t my ground…..This is God’s country”. Yep, that pretty much sums it up, we all share Gods country in one fashion or another.

My dad passed away in 1999, before he took his last breath, the last thing he said was, “Its all within 5 miles of here”, I wasn’t sure if he was just foggy from being on a heavy dose of pain med’s or what, but after the funeral I thought about what he said, and It is so true. His life was summed up within his last words, The life he so loved, His Farming days and later Sawmill and Logging days, the Wife he truly loved and his family that he and my mom raised, serving the Lord.

It was all within 5 miles of home, Gods Country!  As for me, when my wife and I moved to just east Deer Creek a few years ago, I would have never dreamed the amazing sunsets, and Beauty that surrounds our piece of heaven on earth, and since,  the friends we’ve made and work we have put into our Little Farm, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So thank you Blake…. this new song rocks.  It’s great to know that we all share a piece of Gods country!

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