Help Find A Cure For The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has infected 110,000 worldwide, killing nearly 4,000 people.  Now is your chance to help put an end to the virus.

A British company called Hvivo is offering $4,500 for you to voluntarily catch the coronavirus so they can study it and find a vaccine.

This is what you’d have to do to earn the $4,500…

  1. You would be willing to be intentionally infected with the coronavirus
  2. You would have to live in quarantine for 2 weeks in London to be studied by doctors and researchers
  3. You wouldn’t be able to exercise or have contact with anyone else
  4. You would have a specialized diet

But…you would be infected with a less aggressive strain of the virus so you would only mild respiratory symptoms. (We hope)

Research is on going with over 20 vaccines in development according to the World Health Organization.  This is your chance to save the world, and get paid for doing it!

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