Here’s Some Friday Sunshine For Us All

When I came across this amazing act of kindness, I was once again reminded how much we as adults can learn from our kids!

Sometimes you just need a little boost!💙💛Addison Wegscheid gives her brother, Colton, that bit of help for a sip of water during tonight’s WDC volleyball game.Mike Ortmann snapped this sweet sibling moment.

Posted by Wadena-Deer Creek Public Schools on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A simple helping hand, or human bench in this case.  Sometimes we get caught up in the busy crazy day to day things that keep most of us on a hefty schedule of constantly on the go.  A month ago I was in a motorcycle accident that really made me step back and re-set what is important to me, and I can tell you being good to one another is on top of the list.  The genuine goodness that we all have the ability to share, that is important, and when you peel back the’s really as simple as this Facebook post courtesy of WDC Schools.  Give someone a hand, and expect nothing in return, go ahead try it, its a pretty cool feeling you’ll have!