How Close Do You Live To Your Mom?

Apparently according to data from the University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study, most adults don’t live very far from their mother.

The average adult lives only 18 miles from their mom!  Only 20 percent of us live more than 2 hours drive from mom. (That’s me)  The study says the more education a person has the farther they live from home.  Families live near each other in the Northeast and the South and farthest apart on the West Coast and in the Mountain States.  Married people live farther from mom than single people do, while women are more likely to move farther away from home than men.  The study also found that with the exception of going to college or into the military, 37 percent of Americans have never lived outside their hometown!  Another 57 percent have never lived outside their home state!

Here’s how far the average Midwestern person lives from their mother:

Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Iowa…25 miles

Wisconsin 14 miles

The Mountain West and Desert Southwest is where people live the farthest from their mother at 44 miles.

The closest areas where Americans live near their mother is is New York and Pennsylvania at 8 miles and Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama at just 6 miles.

My radio career has taken me to 4 states and I live about 150 miles from my Mom who lives with my sister’s family in Minnetonka.  However, we still manage to get together for lunch about once every month or so.

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