How Do You Feel About Your Job?

Most of us can’t just quit or retire when we decide that our job just isn’t making us happy any longer.

Monster did a recent survey that found out there’s a lot of unhappy people on the job.  According to the survey, 80 percent of workers say they’ve cried at work at least once!  5 percent of those surveyed said they cry every day!

The survey included over 3,000 workers.  8 percent say they cry every week at work.  50 percent said they cry at work, but not often.  And 19 percent said they cried at work but not because of work related issues.

So who’s at fault for all this crying?  Yes, 45 percent blamed the boss or other workers.  16 percent said that the amount of work they were being asked to do was to blame.  Another 13 percent blamed workplace bullies.

80 percent of workers said the stress level at their job is a 7 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10.  And 60 percent have searched for a less stressful job.

With many employers looking for quality employees Human Resource experts say crying on the job is a clear sign of stress which shouldn’t be ignored.

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