How Do You Feel About Your Spouse’s Friends?

It’s a very important question that may determine if your marriage is going to last.

A study at the University of Michigan came to the conclusion that a spouse’s attitude toward their partner’s friends during the first year of marriage predicted whether the marriage would last.  The study followed 400 marriages starting in 1986.

This is what they found…Husbands pretty much like their wife’s friends.  Less than 10 percent of husbands in the survey said they disliked or even hated at least one of their wife’s friends.

Wives?  Not so much.  85 percent of women strongly disliked or hated at least one of their husband’s friends.  So what were the results of the survey and the marriages?

  1. Negative friendship perceptions early in a marriage are powerful predictors of divorce.
  2. Divorce is more likely in instances where men don’t like their wife’s friends.
  3. Not liking those friends came from a feeling that they were meddling in their marriage.

And, on top of the friends issue, the study also found problems with jobs and careers can also spell trouble.

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