How Does The Iowa State Fair Compare To The Minnesota State Fair?

Among state fairs, Texas is #1, Minnesota is #2 and Iowa is #3.  I attended the Iowa State Fair on it’s second day, August 9th.  And here’s how the 2 state fairs match up.

Cost to attend the State Fair…Minnesota $13, Iowa $12.

The buildings at the Iowa State Fair are newer and most all of the streets are well maintained concrete.  And the Commercial building is air conditioned and carpeted!

The midway at the Minnesota State Fair is bigger by about a third.  I saw a new ride I hadn’t seen before in Iowa.  It’s called The Hang Glider..
























































The food at both State Fairs is always good.  Minnesota has more items on a stick, but I think the Iowa State Fair actually has more food booths.  They have them lined up against the street and on the back side of the sidewalk.  And yes there’s Corn Dogs, foot long hotdogs and cheese curds.  The Iowa State Fair is very big on pork themed items. And the Iowa State Fair has not one, but two big pigs!



























The crowds at the Iowa State Fair got bigger as the afternoon went on and the lines to park are long at both fairs.  The entertainment is comparable at both fairs, with Zac Brown, Toby Keith, Dan and Shay, Luke Bryan and Darius Rucker playing in the grandstand at the Iowa State Fair this year.  And believe it or not, of all the things they share, both fairs have Ye Old Mill!  The Iowa State Fair ends its run on August 18th and the Minnesota State Fair starts August 22nd.  I’ll be attending both because despite the crowds, I love the fair.

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