How Far Can You Go After The Fuel Light Comes On In Your Vehicle?

It’s usually not time to panic when the low fuel light comes on while driving.  In fact, many newer cars have a “distance to empty” gauge, so you roughly know how many miles you have left until you run out.

The distance you can travel after the low fuel light comes on varies by vehicle, but most times the amount of fuel you have left is around 2 gallons.  How far you can go on that amount of fuel varies by vehicle and where you’re driving.  Drive in the country and your fuel mileage is greater, drive in the city and it goes down.  The most important thing to remember is if you keep driving you eventually will run out.  And rarely, do you run out as you drive into the gas station.

Another thing to remember is that if you drive on low fuel consistently, you could damage your vehicle.   Any debris in your gas tank will be sucked up into the fuel system and could damage your fuel pump or catalytic converter.  Also, once you run out, it’s hard to get your vehicle started again.

According to, these are the distances you can drive after your vehicle low fuel light comes on for some of the most popular vehicles.

  1. Ford F-150                         25 to 80 miles
  2. Chevy Silverado                25 miles
  3. Dodge Ram 1500              62-87 miles
  4. Toyota Corolla                   60-84 miles
  5. Toyota Camry                    65-91 miles
  6. Nissan Altima                    81-114 miles
  7. Honda Accord                    70-92 miles
  8. Chevy Equinox                   50 miles
  9. Ford Escape                        25-80 miles
  10. Jeep Grand Cherokee       66-90 miles
  11. Chevy Impala                     44-62 miles
  12. Chevy Malibu                     50-72 miles

Of course these are estimates.  I rode to Iowa with a friend 2 years ago and when the low fuel light came on, we were out of gas and I was walking to the gas station.  And it’s especially important to be aware of your fuel as it gets colder.

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