How Many Arguments Do Moms And Dads Have With Their Kids In A Year?

A new survey shows that parents of kids ages 2 to 12 have an average of 2,184 arguments every year!!!

Quick math says that’s 182 per year, 42 per week or 6 a day!!!  And how long do those arguments last?  About 8 minutes each!!!  When I was growing up, there were 5 kids in our family.  4 boys within 8 years of each other, so not only was there arguments, there were plenty of physical altercations!  Mom yelled at us constantly and it really didn’t do any good.  Dad?  If Dad had to deal with you, you weren’t talking back and bad things were going to happen.

Parents in the survey say they win arguments about 60 percent of the time, but sometimes they also compromise with kids just to get it over with.  Most kids are rewarded for doing what they’re told but when they don’t follow the rules, they lose privileges.

So what are the causes of the biggest arguments?

  1. Kids not eating everything on their plate at meal time.
  2. Messy room.
  3. Kids who want something to eat but only want to eat junk food.
  4. Kids who complain they’re hungry and then barely touch their food.
  5. Brothers and Sisters fighting with each other.
  6. Kids who eat sweets before a meal.
  7. Kids who don’t want to go to bed.
  8. Doing your homework.
  9. Kids who want to use their digital devices more than parents will allow.
  10. Kids who won’t brush their teeth.

Money, disagreements over what to watch on TV, not cleaning up messes or doing chores, loud music and spending too much time in the bathroom were also on the list.

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