How Old Is Too Old To Workout?

Many of us say we’re going to start working out, but there’s so many excuses when it comes time to go to the gym.  And one of them is age.

Although 60 percent of people said 2019 was the year they were going to get in better shape 40 percent of those people never did and they say it’s because they’re too old!  How old is too old?  Being 41 years old is the age most people say is too old to work out regularly.

But it wasn’t just age.

  1. 42 percent say they don’t have time to exercise
  2. 25 percent say they stay too late at work
  3. 36 percent say there’s too much work to do
  4. 56 percent say they’re too tired to work out

And then there’s the weak excuses.

  1. 33 percent said the weather was too bad
  2. 10 percent said the weather was too nice
  3. 23 percent said they ate too much
  4. 15 percent said there was something good on Netflix

The average person in the survey by claim they only have 89 minutes of free time daily.  They already work out twice a week, but claim if it was more convenient and cheaper, they work out 5 times a week!

People say they’d exercise more if…

  1. If they had a home gym
  2. If going to the gym was cheaper
  3. If they could work out in a class with a friend or co-worker
  4. If they had a personal trainer who would push them to get in shape

The opportunity to improve yourself and your health can start any time, not just the first of the year.  Once you see results, it’s easier to work out more often.  However, that weight you gained didn’t happen in a month and it won’t all come off in a month.  Dedicate yourself to going several times a week for several months to see real results.

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