How Well Do You Take Care Of Your Vehicle?

A survey of 2000 drivers says many of you don’t take care of your vehicle.

These are some of the simple things that you neglect when it comes to taking proper care of your vehicle:

  1. The average person said they drive around for 9 days with the “check engine” light on.
  2. The average person drives almost 7,500 miles before they change their oil.  (the recommended distance is 5,000 miles)
  3. About a quarter of those asked said they drive around with under inflated tires.
  4. About a quarter of those surveyed admitted to driving over speed bumps or pot holes without slowing down.
  5. 25 percent of those surveyed said they hadn’t had their vehicle serviced in the past year!

Of those who hadn’t had their vehicle serviced, 45 percent said it costs too much.  25 percent said they didn’t have time.  And 30 percent said they think their service tech has a bad attitude.

And eventually, this all catches up with you.  47 percent of those surveyed said they’ve been late or missed an event because of a vehicle breakdown.  This included work, parties, get togethers, picking up kids from school and even a job interview!

So, if you choose to ignore strange sounds your vehicle is making like 15 percent of those surveyed,  “you can pay me now or you can pay me later,” as the Fram oil filter commercial used to say.

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