I Love Artichokes!

I clearly remember my first experience with artichokes. And no it was not artichoke dip.

As a young child my mother would prepare a one pot baked meal including four artichokes, one for each of us, with chunks of carrots and potatoes mixed throughout. Alongside she would serve a green salad and a cream cheese and dill dip. As children we never second-guessed what was on the table, and happily devoured this one pot meal. It was delicious, simple, and very nourishing.

Low in calories, about 60 per artichoke, high in plant protein (4 g), potassium (13%), magnesium (19%), vitamin C (25%), and iron (8%)

One cool part of this, if you own a pressure cooker, such as an Insta-Pot, is that it’s super easy to prepare! I cook 2-3 at a time for 30 minutes on high pressure, you can tweak this to your liking. You can pair this item nicely with most anything. I like it with either a grilled steak, or Alaskan salmon….and of course your favorite beverage. This might be out of the box for some of you, but for others, maybe, just maybe you’ve found a new favorite here! As for me and my wife…..we can hardly resist!

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